Taekwondo classes. Three two-hour group sessions in East London. £8.25 - 50% off.

  • Learn self defense with Taekwondo classes.
  • Fun and challenging martial art.
  • Taught by 5th Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon-qualified instructor.
  • Good stamina and endurance training.

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Taekwondo Guide

The Taster Details


  • The Asian Centre, 18 Orford Rd, Walthamstow, E17 9NL
  • Theatre Hall, Bishop Challoner School, Lukin Street, E1 0EB

Nearest Stations

  • Walthamstow Central (The Asian Centre)
  • Whitechapel (Theatre Hall)

About the Taster
Your three Taekwondo classes will cover kicking, punching and sparring techniques as well as personal and weapons self defense. Every class will start with a warm-up of stamina and endurance training and stretching before the kicking and punching commences. You will undergo vigorous exercise routines and learn how to apply different techniques (both traditional and Olympic-style Taekwondo) and practice with pads. You'll also be challenged mentally through Poomse (patterns) and meditation. The academy welcome students of all levels from beginners to advanced and the average class size is 30 people, giving you the opportunity to meet new people and observe people of different levels. Don't be put off by the different coloured belts around you. Just find your own pace and have fun. All classes are taught by head instructor Master Esrar Ahmed who is a 5th Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon-qualified International Instructor and a vastly experienced coach and competitor so you can be confident you're in good hands. 

What’s great about it?
This Korean martial art is not only good for your fitness, stamina, flexibility and strength, but you will also learn useful self defense skills. After three sessions, you'll feel a sense of personal achievement and, who knows, you could be the next elite fighter in the making. 

Times Available
Times for Taekwondo classes are as follows:

  • The Asian Centre: Tuesday from 7.30 - 9:30pm
  • Theatre Hall: Saturday from 2 - 4pm

What to Bring
If you already have your own Taekwondo equipment then take it along. Otherwise, all gear is provided by Hadri Taekwondo Academy. You can eventually purchase the uniform and safety equipment through your instructor at a cheaper rate than in the shops. All equipment must be purchased within the first month of training (note: all safety equipment must be WTF approved and incorperate the WTF logo).

How to Book
Just click the "Buy it now!" button and follow the simple instructions to receive your three Taekwondo classes.

Taster for just £8.25 - Saving £8.25

Small Print

Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Contact merchant directly to arrange attendance (subject to availability).

About this Merchant

Hadri Taekwondo Academy

The Hadri Taekwondo Academy first opened its doors in July 1994 with the first class in Walthamstow. Under the instruction of Master Esrar, the academy has rapidly expanded to offer classes in various locations around London. The academy teaches the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo, known for its spectacular array of fluid and powerful kicks, and offers both traditional and sports coaching of Olympic style WTF Taekwondo as well as practical self-defence skills. Head Instructor Master Esrar Ahmed is a 5th DAN Black Belt, Kukkiwon Qualified International Instructor and a vastly experienced coach and competitor. He leads a team of highly qualified and experienced coaches to ensure all classes are managed properly. All of Hadri Taekwondo Academy's Instructors are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked. The Academy competes up and down the country in local, national and international competitions, most recently winning the 1st Place Team trophy at the UTF International Championships in 2011. The club is open to people of all levels and not just those interested in competing.