Three Group Power Plate Classes


Power Plate - called the "ultimate fat burner," it uses Accelerated Training technology to help you get a lot fitter, a lot faster. Suitable for everyone from the ultimate gym hater to professional athletes, the Power Plate sends vibrations through your muscles to make them contract between 25 and 50 times per second. This leads to a more efficient and more effective workout meaning you don't have to set up camp in the gym to get the body you want.

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The Taster Details

Good Vibes Fitzrovia Studio, 11 Tottenham Street, W1T 2AQ
Good Vibes Covent Garden Studio, 14 - 16 Betterton Street, WC2H 9BU

Nearest Station
Goodge Street (Fitzrovia), Covent Garden & Holborn (Covent Garden)

About the Taster
This taster is for three group Power Plate classes at Good Vibes Fitness. Each session is only 25 minutes long and utilizes the Power Plate to help you burn fat faster. They only use your body weight and gravity as resistance to ensure that you build a long and lean silhouette that reflects your frame. The Good Vibes programs continually test your body's responses to create tone, strength, flexibility and mobility.

What's great about it?
If you're trying to slim down or shape up, what's not great about something referred to as the "ultimate fat burner?" It uses advanced technology to help you look better while spending less time in the gym. It's a win/win situation. You can also expect these results:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Boosts in muscle power
  • Reduced training time
  • Break down of fat cells
  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved coordination

What are people saying?
"After just three sessions in one week, I've lost 2lbs and I can really see improvement in the muscle tone on my arms and works!" - Beauty Editor's Pick for lunch workouts, Elle Magazine

Times Available
The voucher is valid for classes on Monday through Friday at the Fitzrovia studio and Monday through Saturday at the Covent Garden studio. Check the timetable here.

How to Book
You'll be given instructions on how to book upon purchasing the taster.

Taster for just £49 - Saving £17

Small Print

Voucher expires three months from purchase. New customers only. Only one Good Vibes voucher per customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to consent form.

About this Merchant

Good Vibes Fitness

Good Vibes is more than just a fitness studio. It is a place dedicated to the enjoyment that positive, fun and thoughtful exercise creates.  They are not interested in anonymous or corporate, instead they hope to inspire people to exercise because it’s better for their minds as well their bodies. They love the atmosphere that the sociability of great classes creates and firmly believe that feeling fantastic is about generating positivity and joy together, not working in isolation.

They've gone to great lengths to create spaces that are a pleasure to be in and help you to get the most from your class. How you choose to divide your time between those classes depends on what you enjoy doing and what you want to achieve.  They want everyone to enjoy classes that are welcoming and fun so they've made it as easy as possible to get involved and are flexible to be able to suit different schedules and needs. So whether you’re an exercise expert or an exercise beginner, they will help you to fit a better body and a better mind into your life.

The team of expert fitness instructors at Good Vibes was chosen because they believe there's more to life than slogging it out in the gym - they believe that in order to truly benefit from a class - it should be as much about having fun and being inspired as getting fit. They want to help people nourish their bodies and souls.

Good Vibes believes that if your exercise isn’t rooted in thoughtfulness and a desire to be kind to your body, then you’re missing out on the more deep-rooted and far-reaching benefits that every day, mindful and friendly low impact classes can achieve.