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Buenos, entonces... was specifically made to be anti-boring. Sitting in a classroom while a teacher drones about verb tenses is essentially the antithesis of fun. Bueno, entonces... is well aware of this so they've infused their teaching process with a witty and engaging story that will suck you into the programme. One of the best ways to learn Spanish online is when you're so entertained by the process - you don't even feel like you're making an effort. This is exactly what the Bueno, entonces... classes are like. The 30 class series features two characters in Buenos Aires, Argentina (so they do speak in an Argentine accent) - David, the cheeky British student, and Jimena, the hot Latina teacher. You'll become so enthralled with their ridiculous interactions, it'll feel more like watching reality TV than learning a new language online.

What's great about it?
If you're the type of person who will watch the same channel for three hours just because the remote is out of reach of both your hands and feet (We're all guilty of this.) - then these Spanish classes are for you. The ultimate in convenience - just download and pop them onto your computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad or Blackberry, and you can learn wherever you are - whether that's sprawled on the couch or during your morning tube commute. When you buy this download to learn Spanish online, you'll get the complete Spanish level 1 and level 2 course - 30 classes in all that contain study guides, a slang dictionary (for all the really useful words) and unlimited lifetime support.

Fast paced, slightly innappropriate and always entertaining - think of these classes as the Grand Theft Auto of language learning.

We only have a limited number of downloads to learn Spanish online available so get yours while it's available!

What are people saying?
"The structure of Bueno, entonces…gives you the tools to have realistic conversations entirely in Spanish after having only watched a handful of classes." - Jeff

"I’d definitely recommend it as a good, fun way to increase your vocabulary, learn to speak like the locals speak, and very importantly, how to pick up chicks/dudes. You can download it to your iPod, and watch them on the go." - Priscilla

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This programme works with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry. Includes 30 classes, study guide, slang dictionary and unlimited lifetime support.

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Bueno, entonces...

The Bueno, entonces... Spanish learning programme was created by linguists, teachers and students from half a dozen countries. This new technique combines hard-core grammar and vocabulary lessons with a witty and engaging conversational style. Witty, engaging, entertaining, and at times outrageous – Bueno, entonces… is unlike any other language learning program you’ve ever seen. This fast-paced series is comprised of 30 classes (35 minutes each). Whether you are starting from scratch or an intermediate level, you’ll learn new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Narrated by David, a cheeky Londoner learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, and Jimena, his gorgeous Argentine teacher, as their relationship becomes ever more complex, so does the level of Spanish. By the end of 30 classes, David is speaking conversationally, and so can you!