One Free Hour-Long Guitar Lesson

Guitar lessons in London are perfect for anyone who ever wanted to turn those air guitar skills into something tangible or for those with experience in this versatile stringed instrument who want to take it to the next level. Learning is all about both practice and theory, and in your taster you’ll get a mix of both. 

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Guitar Lessons Guide

The Taster Details

160 Paragon, Site Block B South, TW8 9RP or depending on your location, Gianluca can come to you.

Nearest Tube
Boston Manor

About the Taster
At your guitar lesson, Gianluca will run through some techniques relative to your level, and in the next part you’ll be able to put these into practice while learning how to play along to one of your favourite songs. Making the most of modern technology, you will have MP3 files to play along with at home so you don’t forget what you’ve learnt.

What’s great about it?
We often think about our need to exercise our bodies, but what about our minds? Learning a new instrument is a great mental workout and an impressive skill to add to your repertoire! Plus this is a private lesson so your lessons will be tailored to you to ensure you're making the maximum amount of progress possible.

What to Bring
If you’re a beginner, Gianluca can lend you a guitar for the first few. But sadly the offer only stands for righties. If you’re left-handed you’ll have to bring your own, but with so many good value instruments out there it’s worth anyone getting their hands on one before they start their guitar classes.

Times Available
You will set up a time convenient for you when you book your guitar lesson with Gianluca. Lesson times are available during the day from Monday through Friday. 

How to Book
After you request your taster, you will be given instructions on how to contact Gianluca Chiarella to schedule your guitar lesson.

Taster for just FREE! - Saving £25

Small Print

Only a right-handed guitar can be provided. Please bring your own if you play left-handed. This voucher expires in one month.

About this Merchant

Gianluca Chiarella

With over 12 years of teaching behind him, Gianluca Chiarella knows exactly how to tailor lessons to your individual needs. Whether you want to learn acoustic or electric guitar, six-string or 12-string, his lessons can help you. He’ll teach you countless techniques including finger picking, arpeggio technique, tapping and improvisation.