Yoga Classes in London

Yoga Classes in London - let us tell you all about improving your strength and flexibility while de-stressing with yoga.

At a glance:

  • Easy to do but hard to perfect

  • Hundreds of centres and teachers in London

  • All you need is a mat and an open mind

  • Great for flexibility and stress relief

The Lowdown

Yoga has come a long way since yoga classes in London first arrived. There was a time when the only people you knew with a yoga mat had just returned from six months traveling around India with a wardrobe full of tie-dyed clothing, a half-baked knowledge of Eastern philosophy and some ill-advised dreadlocks. But just as those embarrassing souvenirs have fallen by the wayside, so yoga has shed its hippie reputation. 

With yoga classes in London available across the city and a booming business in the training of yoga teachers, this Indian import is very much here to stay. Technically speaking yoga is actually an entire system of philosophy and meditation designed to set you on the road to enlightenment. Although I’m sure we’d all like to reach enlightenment, it does take a long time to get there so Western society has mainly cherry-picked the active part known as hatha yoga. Made up of a number of positions called asanas, this is the kind of yoga you see practiced in centres all across London although many still retain the spiritual elements.

The Crowd

Of course we needed celebrities like Madonna and George Harrison to get us interested, but unlike most of Madge and the megastars’ latest trends (anyone for Kabbalah?), yoga is actually a useful and worthwhile addition to our daily lives.

If you want to increase your flexibility, core strength or just reduce stress, there are few better activities. Plus, you can dictate your own difficulty level. Although accessible for beginners, some of the contortions you have to manoeuvre your body into take years of practice to perfect.

According to Swami Vishnudevananda, a well-known yoga guru, there are 66 positions or postures (just a few less than bedroom acrobatics) and from these spring over 100 variations - more than enough to keep you busy.

The Cost

Yoga classes in London are pretty easy to come by and many are fairly inexpensive. All you might need for your TasterLab taster is a mat which you can purchase for around £10.

And Finally...
Never done yoga in your life? Watch this video with a yoga workout for absolute beginners to get a idea of what you're in for before you head off to your first class.