Wrestling Classes

Wrestling Classes - all the details on this competitive sport in London.

At a glance:

● Wresting classes are great exercise
● Competitive sport
● Styles to suit everyone
● A growing phenomenon in London

The Lowdown

Wrestling was not invented by Hulk Hogan - contrary to what many believe. Jumping from the top turnbuckle, clotheslining and trash-talking your opponents is all very fun, but we’re talking about a different type of wrestling here. Written about in Homer’s Iliad, wrestling was a mainstay of many ancient civilizations as a form of combat as well as competition. In the early Olympics, wrestling was the hot ticket, and the discipline has not changed too much since then.

A sport with a diverse and long-running history, it’s no surprise there are a host of styles. The two most common disciplines are found in the Olympics, and these are the ones you will most likely come across in wrestling classes in London. Greco-Roman wrestling puts the emphasis on arm and body movements with trips and leg moves not an option whereas in freestyle wrestling, you can get those legs involved.

The Crowd

Wrestling classes are great for anyone with a competitive streak looking to try something new. Wrestling in London is perfect as a simple workout, a way to develop strength and balance, or just if you love the sport as competition. A wrestling class is also the perfect setting to exact some revenge on a sibling who maybe put you in one too many headlocks growing up.

The Cost

Wrestling classes are just like any other fitness class in that they really aren’t that expensive to attend - usually around £10 per class. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing but nothing too baggy that limbs and extremities could get caught in. (Ouch.) It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to bring your own mouth guard as well (about £4).

And Finally…

Watch this compilation of some of the best wrestling moves made at the 2008 Beijing Olympics to get pumped up before you head off to your wrestling classes.