Tango Lessons in London

Tango lessons in London - all you need to know about one of the world’s most passionate dances.

At a glance:

• Stylish, sophisticated and sensual dance
• Build up your repertoire of moves step by step
• Meet new people
• Great for your fitness

The Lowdown

Tango in London is extremely popular. As Argentina and particularly its mighty capital, Buenos Aires, is rapidly becoming the winter long haul destination du jour, so filters back a fortunate, gathering popularity of the sensuous dance.

Tango is a dance that drips with style and sophistication, which would perhaps posthumously tickle the founders who mostly created the dance while drunk, dancing with prostitutes in the dim, gas lit, cobbled streets of bourgeois Buenos Aires. But no matter, as it's become Argentina’s most famous export, and all for good reasons. Perhaps most notably helped by its acceptance into Parisian high society at the turn of the 19th century, it has subsequently moved from strength to strength. While it has undergone considerable transformation from its humble beginnings, it still retains all the romantic mystique and Argentinean allure to charm and delight anyone who cares to tango!

The Crowd

Tango lessons in London are for anyone looking to try something new with an interest in dance or Latin American culture. When you think of tango, you might picture outrageous moves and very revealing costuming; however, this is stage tango - not the type of tango people actually learn during tango lessons in London.

A course of tango classes will give you an introduction into the unique world of tango. As well as the dance, you have the music, the clothes and the whole mystique that surrounds this unique cultural phenomenon.

The Cost

A typical tango class in London runs at about £15, but your TasterLab taster will let you try out a tango lesson for even less than that! All you’ll need to bring to your class is something comfortable to dance in.

And Finally…

Interested to see some authentic Argentine tango? Check out this video of a couple dancing on the streets of Buenos Aires before you head off to your tango lessons in London.