Tai Chi London

Tai Chi in London - learn the ‘ultimate’ martial art with TasterLab.

At a glance:

● Relaxing
● Good exercise
● Combats stress

The Lowdown

Tai chi in London, you may not know it by name, but the chances are you’ve seen it. In parks and green spaces, serenely relaxed people performing poetic movements with their arms and legs - like kung fu in slow motion. And that’s not too far from the truth. So what is tai chi? Actually it's a martial art, one translation of the name even has it as the "ultimate” martial art. Nowadays most tai chi enthusiasts practice it for its health benefits rather than self defence. Centred around the concentration of the mind on the body’s movements, it produces a calm and tranquility that are the perfect antidote to modern life.

The Crowd

Tai chi in London is one of those great things to do in London that provides exercise but also de-stresses you. Anyone looking for a new way to keep fit and healthy and a great way to keep yourself calm and relaxed that you can practice any time, anywhere, should look into tai chi. Based around a slow set of moves that are intended to regulate your breathing and perfect your spinal position, it is suitable for anyone, young or old.

The Cost

Once you’ve done your TasterLab tai chi taster and decided to take more lessons, there’s not much else you need to spend money on. Some loose fitting clothes and enough space to move around are pretty much all you need.

And Finally...

Here’s an expert with some moves you can get started on to prepare you for tai chi in London.