Singing Lessons London

Singing Lessons in London - everything you need to know to start finding your voice.

At a glance:

• Effective vocal training to have you singing along in no time
• Well documented physical and psychological benefits
• No previous experience necessary – anyone can sing!

The Lowdown

Ready to discover something new? Is that something your lovely singing voice? At some point, everyone meets the conundrum, “Do I sing along with this song I love and risk embarrassment or exert extreme self-control and stay quiet?” Taking singing lessons in London will help you feel confident to belt away just like you’re in the car alone! They may not make you the next X-Factor finalist, but some singing classes will help you approach the next office karaoke session with enthusiasm and confidence.

Numerous research studies have proven that singing is also just really good for you - physiologically and psychologically. Singing produces “feel good” hormones called endorphins. It also increases mental alertness through greater oxygenation, improves posture and clears respiratory tubes and sinuses.

The Crowd

Do you love to sing in the shower but you’re too timid to belt outside the bathroom? (Granted, bathrooms do have great acoustics.) Taking singing lessons in London will give you the confidence you need to serenade someone or something other than your loofah. So maybe you’ve made it out of the shower, and you’re ready to take the stage - singing classes will help the more experienced singer have the confidence to try something new and take on the spotlight without fear.

Most people, including some of the greats, are bad at singing when they start out. Like most things in life, you just need to learn how to do it. Singing teachers in London will help you learn how to breathe through the diaphragm and use vocal chords in the right way. That’s often all that’s needed to make the difference and give you the confidence to join the karaoke pros on stage.

The Cost

Private lessons with singing teachers usually cost around £40 per hour, but of course, a TasterLab taster will let you try out singing classes before you commit to anything pricey. And all you have to bring to your lesson is your voice!

And Finally…

Every singing lesson always starts with a vocal warm up. This video features the classic warm up scale you’ll be asked to do (usually with an “ah”) before you start your singing lessons in London.