Reflexology - massage your chi with TasterLab

At a glance

● Health benefits
● Alternative to conventional medicine
● Stress relief

The Lowdown

Reflexology is massage with a difference. One of the most popular alternative therapies, reflexology involves applying pressure to the feet, hands and ears using your fingers. Unlike massage there are no oils or lotions involved. For reflexologists, the body is divided into ten vertical zones, five on each side. Each of these zones can be found in the feet or hands, and their whereabouts can be seen in a reflexology chart. Through the manipulation of these zones, the trained reflexologist aims to bring about an improvement in one’s chi - your life force or energy flow.  

The Crowd

Reflexology is synonymous with relaxation for its devotees. They come from all walks of life, whether they be experienced in the world of alternative therapies or just looking for new things to do in London. The goal of stress relief and a little alleviation from the tensions of everyday life is one we all share and as you relax on a reflexologist’s couch, letting them work their magic it is easy to see why some people swear by this treatment, even though there is no formal medical proof behind it. 

The Cost

Our TasterLab tasters will give you a great introductory session and with no equipment to buy, your only expense will be coming back for more.

And Finally...

Here’s a little bit of homework to do before your first session. Check out this reflexology chart to see which areas of the foot relate to which body parts.