Pole Dancing Lessons London

 Pole dancing lessons in London - exercise your body and an open mind.

At a glance:

• Good fun
• Great way to get fit
• A change from the same old gym routine

The Lowdown

Pole dancing in London has changed its image somewhat of late. Once solely synonymous with erotic dancing clubs, it’s now a recognised and popular aerobic and anaerobic form of exercise. Today taking a pole dancing class can better be described as a type of performing art which combines gymnastics and dancing.

The Crowd

If you like to keep fit but are a little bit bored of the monotonous gym routine, then a pole dancing lesson could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a stylish, sensuous dance that guarantees to provide a thorough workout. It’s especially good at developing overall core and upper body strength. And let’s face it, it’ll certainly give you a sense of mystique the next time you drop into conversation that you’re a trainee pole dancer! So, try something different and give pole dancing lessons in London a go!

The Cost

With your TasterLab taster, your pole dancing class will be pretty cheap, and you don't really need to make any other purchases unless your planning on eventually installing a pole in your home. But that's whole different story...

And Finally...

Curious as to how learning pole dancing begins? Check out this beginner's tutorial to prepare yourself for pole dancing lessons in London.