Fitness in London

Fitness in London - get fit in the great outdoors with TasterLab.

At a glance:

● Get fit in the fresh air
● Great fun
● Motivating
● Gym alternative

The Lowdown

Fitness in London does not begin and end with the gym. Had enough of seeing the same sweaty faces every week? Why not head outdoors for your fitness fix and get some fresh air in your lungs into the bargain. Mother nature and the built environment offer just as much as a gym, and they’re a lot cheaper too. But before you branch out on your own, take some tips from the professionals who have been developing circuit training programmes and fitness boot camps in urban areas for years now. Meeting in local parks or on the city streets they’ll motivate you to get fit the gym-free way.

The Crowd

Fitness in London is perfect for anyone who wants to get healthy but would prefer to step out of the gym and try something new. Led by enthusiastic instructors, fitness classes in London will push you further than your average gym session and get you fit and healthy in no time. Usually conducted in groups of ten or so, you’ll build up camaraderie with the rest of the gang in no time, and they’ll motivate you even more.

The Cost

Check out our TasterLab tasters for fitness in London. Whether it be urban gyms or boot camps, we’ll give you a great introductory offer. With the city as your gym, there are no hidden costs, but investing in a decent pair of running trainers could be a wise move.

And Finally...

Here are some fresh recruits being put through their paces by celebrity personal trainer Harvey Walden IV in a great example of fitness in London.