Life Coach London

Life Coach in London - what they are and how they can help you make desired changes in your life.

At a glance:

  • Individual, motivational, inspirational, therapeutic
  • For anyone needing an immediate, lasting mental or emotional boost
  • Not for fruitcakes!

The Lowdown

You don’t have to be one sandwich short of a picnic, an emotional wreck or a social misfit to seek a life coach in London – they’re for normal, intelligent people like you and me looking to try something different to get our lives in good order.

Life Coaches are like objective, focused, non-judgmental friends who work with you if you are looking to gain more clarity and direction in one or more specific areas of your life that might be holding you back, causing you concern or really stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Imagine your life is like a house which over time slowly fills with clutter you’ve collected over the years, taking up space that could be put to much better use – a life coach in London is like calling in the cleaners to help you have a good clear out! A mental spring clean!

Consulting a life coach in London is great if you feel a bit fuzzy or worried or have too much on your mind, if you would like to break annoying habits or negative thought patterns and beliefs which might be having an influence on where your life is going (or holding you back in some way). The role of our professional life coach in London is to give you the tools, techniques, and guidance to clear out the clutter, polish up the good bits and make your life sparkle like new!

The Crowd

Maybe you’re having a difficult few months at work or you’ve had a blow to your self-confidence? You might have had an acrimonious split with your partner or be under stress from financial worries. Do you under-perform because your stomach ties up in knots when you have to give a presentation, or maybe you’ve got a complex about your body? You might need some advice on how to get noticed and promoted at work, or you could be at an important crossroads in your life and need to talk it through.

Life coaching covers just that - your life, from relationships to career, motivation and confidence, friends and family, starting a business to planning for your future, body image and self-esteem - literally any area of your life that you feel could benefit from a little tweak to a massive makeover!

The Cost

Like any type of therapy, private sessions can be a little expensive, but, as always, TasterLab lets you try something different before you commit to paying full price. Also - there are no accessories needed for your taster. You just have to bring an open mind.

And Finally…

Watch this video and see probably the most famous of all Life Coaches Tony Robbins discuss motivation and making decisions - just a few of the topics you’ll encounter during your session with a life coach in London.