Languages Online

Languages online - learn a new language wherever you are with TasterLab.

At a glance:

- Perfect for someone too busy to schedule classes
- Convenience of downloading to smart phone or computer
- Learn something new on your jog or daily commute

The Lowdown

Languages online - probably the easiest and most convenient way to pick up a new language. Just download a couple of classes and load them onto your smart phone, computer, iPad, etc. to have the resources to learn a new language literally at your fingertips wherever you are. No worries about finding that special teacher you get along with - these programs have been created using the latest learning technology to make it as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible for you to learn your hellos from your holas while spending exactly 0% of your time in a classroom.

The Crowd

Learning languages online is perfect for someone who wants to pick up a new hobby but doesn’t have the extra time or energy to run all over the city to attend classes. If you download language programs and use them via your computer or smart phone, you can easily kill two birds with one stone by studying while on your commute to work or while just killing time on the couch.  No need to schedule classes, work around anything or even go anywhere - you don’t even have to get dressed! Learning languages online is the ultimate in convenience. 

The Cost

There are all kinds of downloads out there for languages online from single classes to full on immersion programs so there’s a large range of prices. TasterLab offers lots of options starting at just £4.50.

And Finally…

Check out this video by one of our taster providers Bueno, entonces… that shows you just how fun and hilarious learning languages online can be.