Indoor Golf

Indoor Golf - everything you need to know about the easiest way to get in some rounds of golf in the city. 

At a Glance:

• Play virtual golf anytime in any weather
• High-tech and a lot of fun
• Magic yourself to a first class golf course anywhere in the world
• Individual or social – the choice is yours
• Receive individual golf instruction without trekking to a course

The Lowdown

Indoor golf makes it possible to satisfy your golf craving right in the middle of the city. It uses state of the art technology which allows you to play virtual golf on more than 50 of the best courses in the world inside a simulator. You’ll use real clubs, real balls, real swings and the experience is incredibly realistic - transferring you to a virtual golfing environment where you can completely lose yourself in the game. You can also receive personal instruction from a professional golf coach without making the trek to a course.

With an indoor golf simulator, you choose your course and then play into the huge screen a few feet away. Infra-red beams track and measure every shot (flight, speed and spin) so you can follow your ball’s path along the simulated golf course. When it lands, you see the view from your new ball position and decide on your next shot. You control the game with a straightforward touch screen by your side.

Play indoor golf alone or against others, for practice or in a tournament. Play a whole course or just the holes you fancy. You can select different surfaces – fairway, rough and bunker - and choose different weather conditions. You might like to practice on a driving range, or prefer chipping and pitching – the simulator can be set up to suit you. There are professional golf instructors on hand for advice or for private lessons to maximise your performance.

The Crowd

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, indoor golf is a convenient and highly enjoyable way to have a different experience playing golf in the city and improving your technique. If you want to significantly improve your game, a private indoor golf lesson with a golf pro is highly recommended.

If you’ve never played golf before and would like to try something new, indoor golf is a brilliant way to start – the course can be set to how you want to learn and you can play in your own time, so you won’t have people tutting behind you if you miss the ball!

The Cost

Probably the best thing about trying out some indoor golf in London is not needing to lug around an expensive set of clubs. Everything you need for your TasterLab taster session will be provided for you. Just bring your best focus and wear something comfortable for your swing.

And Finally…

Absolutely new to golf? Check out this (incredibly dramatic) slow-motion video of Tiger Woods’ swing for some inspiration before you head off to your session of indoor golf.