Fitness Boot Camps

Fitness boot camps - everything you need to know to jumpstart your fitness.

At a glance:

• Sociable, energetic, enjoyable, intense
• Fun cardio exercise routines to improve all-over body fitness and toning

• For anyone finding it hard to get motivated and shed the pounds
• Convenient session times which fit in with your work and play

The Lowdown

Fitness boot camps - don’t be scared! This isn't a course where you’re tortured to near-death by military instructors who enjoy seeing you suffer. Oh no – this is a seriously well-designed and convenient way to beat the bulge with a small group of like-minded Londoners and friendly (but firm), professional fitness instructors.

Fitness boot camps typically meet outdoors so prepare to sweat it out in the sun - or perhaps bring a raincoat. Every fitness routine is designed to be fun and interesting to keep you motivated. Attending fitness boot camps is a brilliant opportunity to get to know your fellow boot campers and have a laugh drumming up team spirit while enjoying a different experience targeted at fighting the flab.

But don’t expect these sessions to be a walk in the park – they’re tough, they’re sweaty, but they work. It’s absolutely impossible not to feel lighter and fitter even within the first week (unless, of course, you’re munching on sneaky treats like chocolate fudge cake). Boot camps in London are geared up to suit busy lifestyles, so they're also offered at various times throughout the day and the week.

The Crowd

If you keep meaning to lose weight and get fit but can’t stick to a diet or you’re just ready to try something new for your fitness, then a boot camp will get you in the right frame of mind and show you how effective and enjoyable regular exercise can be. By the end of the boot camp, it’s quite normal to have slimmed down by two dress sizes (or trouser sizes, if you’re a man). There’s a great sense of team spirit, too, since everyone’s in it together, and you’re likely to come out with a good few friends.

The Cost

A month’s membership to an outdoor fitness boot camp in London starts around £50. Luckily, our TasterLab taster lets you try fitness boot camps before you commit to a whole month of classes.

And Finally…

Many fitness boot camps take place in parks, but they’re definitely no stroll. Check out this video to see just what kinds of stuff might take place at fitness boot camps.