Online Film Rental

Online film rental - all the details on the easiest way to get your film fix!

At a glance:

● Huge choice
● Easy to order online
● Great value for money
● Stream online or receive DVDs

The Lowdown

Online film rental - before it, your only choice was limited to what was on show at the local cinema. A handful of big name movies to choose, and that was about your lot. The video player changed all that. With the dawn of film rental, you could take the experience home with you. You may not have had the Dolby Surround Sound, but at least you could guarantee there weren’t two teenagers snogging each other’s faces off next to you.

But even then you were limited to the tapes available at your local video shop. Online film rental has made that a thing of the past. Renting movies online via a simple click of the mouse offers you the choice of countless titles, old and new, mainstream and independent. With all those options, why not try something new and discover a film you’d never considered before? It might become a new favorite!

The Crowd

Online film rental is the easiest way to get everyone together on the couch with a giant tub of popcorn. You don’t need any particular physical skill - no feats of mental agility are required. You just have to request the film you’re dying to see, wait for it to show up in your mailbox and then pop it into the DVD player. And once the credits roll, the debates start. Did you really guess who Keyser Sose was? What does Rosebud have to do with anything? Darth Vader is his father, really?

The Cost

Perhaps the best thing about online film rentals - better even than the convenience - is the price. Packages for a month of unlimited online movie rentals start at just £4, and with TasterLab - you get to try it for even less - FREE!

And Finally…

We all love to sit down in the theatre with a giant pile of popcorn and a box of Minstrels, but part of the different experience of viewing a film at home versus in the theatre is that you can cook your own delicious meal to enjoy while you watch!  Check here for dinner-and-a-movie inspiration!