Digital Photography

Photography Courses London - do more than just click with TasterLab.

At a glance:

  • Impressive skill
  • Portable
  • Wow your friends

The Lowdown

Digital photography courses London will help you make the most of the photography revolution that everyone now takes for granted. Long gone are the days when holidays were followed by an exciting trip to the chemist to see how the pictures turned out only to discover half of them are too dark to make out, and in the other half everyone has satanic red eyes. The dawn of the digital age in photography means you can see exactly what you’ve captured instantly and delete as appropriate. Plus thanks to the internet your friends can admire your snaps within seconds. With hi-tech SLR cameras and the opportunities offered by editing software like Adobe’s Photoshop, there’s never been a more exciting time to take photos.

The Crowd

Bored of sifting through your friends’ online albums of hundreds of average-at-best photographs? Set yourself apart from the crowd with photography courses London. Taking pictures is one of the really fun things to do in London, and once you learn fundamentals like light, shutter speed and exposure in your photography lessons, you’ll have photos to be proud of and be able to wow your friends in the process.

The Cost

Before turning up to your TasterLab taster for digital photography courses London, the chances are you will need a digital SLR camera. Not the cheapest bit of kit, prices start from £300 so a secondhand camera could be a good bet.

And Finally...

To get you started, here’s photographer Rick Sammon with a quick appetizer before your digital photography courses London.