Creative Writing Courses London

Creative Writing Courses in London - chapter and verse from TasterLab.

At a glance:

● Teachable skill
● Mental exercise
● Career change

The Lowdown

Creative writing courses in London will unlock that novel you know you’ve got in you. Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky, J.K. Rowling, they all had to start somewhere and creative writing classes in London can set you on your way to literary greatness. But surely anyone can write a book? Of course they can, but if you want to write a good one it pays to take some time to learn about plot, character development and theme. Plus you don’t need to limit yourself to prose when there is the world of poetry to explore.  

The Crowd

Creative writing courses in London are ideal for anyone who fancies themselves a bit of a wordsmith or has ever had a great idea they wish they could turn into a story. You don’t need to wear a tweed jacket and have swallowed a thesaurus to take writing classes in London. The best stories are the easiest to tell and with the help of creative writing courses in London, you’ll be able to do just that.

The Cost

A TasterLab taster will give you a great price on writing courses in London. When you take your work home with you, all you need is a word processor on your computer to keep the words flowing. Or if you really want to keep it old school, stick with a typewriter, although it makes the editing process painful.

And Finally...

Here’s prolific Scottish novelist Iain Banks talking about how he puts a book together - something to think about before you embark on a creative writing course in London.