Cooking Classes in London

Cooking classes in London, the best way to set you on the path to culinary greatness.

At a glance:

● Great fun to do
● Classes for all cuisines
● Perfect for meeting new people
● Learn to cook for friends and family

The Lowdown

Cooking classes in London today are a world away from the drab home economics lessons you had to sit through at school. The explosion of cookery on television has got us all wanting to be Jamie Olivers and Nigella Lawsons. Sadly no matter how many times you watch the experts make a dish, your own version never turns out quite the same. That’s where cooking classes in London come in.

The Crowd

Cooking is the new rock’n’roll, or the new healthy alternative anyway, with everyone clambering to get a piece of the action. Long gone are the times when a woman’s place was in the kitchen; these days she can’t even get into it with her boyfriend slaving away at the stove. Cooking classses in London are not only a fast-track way to get better in the kitchen, they’re also great fun in themselves, from messing about with your kitchen partner to gathering as a group to try each other’s dishes. You’ll be organising your own dinner parties to show off to your mates in no time. When it comes to new things to do in London, there are few better than a cookery course.

The Cost

Cooking classes in London cover all parts of the culinary spectrum and cater for all budgets. From learning how to make sushi to perfecting your pasta, it’s all out there. If your TasterLab taster ignites a love of say Chinese cooking you’ll probably need a wok (from just £10). Other than special kitchen tools like that, you’re only cost is your ingredients.

And Finally...

Here’s a little something to whet your appetite: Jamie Oliver shows us how to make pizza. Watch this and get a head start on your kitchen knowledge before you head off to your cooking classes in London.