Cocktail Making in London

Cocktail Making in London - why you should grab a glass.

At a glance:

● Very useful skill
● Impress your friends
● Fun to learn
● Great way to meet new people

The Lowdown

Cocktail making in London is all the rage, haven’t you heard? The runaway success of Mad Men has had us all hankering after some sharp early 60s style and sparked a boom in cocktail making. We may not be high powered ad-execs, but we can certainly drink like them. Watch the shock on your mates’ faces as you serve them a sophisticated Singapore Sling or the perfectly mixed Tom Collins after a couple of cocktail classes.

The Crowd

Why not try something new this weekend; avoid the pub and get your friends round for something a little classier like a cocktail party. Cocktail drinking has long shed the yuppie reputation it picked up in the 1980s for a more universal appeal. A riot of fun, drag your mates along to a cocktail class or just make some new friends when you get there. After tasting a few of your delicious creations, you’ll be cancelling your plans for later and making a night of it.

The Cost

Classes for cocktail making in London range in price, but you can get a good introduction into how to make a tasty cocktail for just £20 per hour. How much your cocktail making costs at home is up to you. From a standard vodka up to something a little more expensive  the choice is yours.

And Finally...

If you want to do some homework before you start this new and different experience, why not follow this recipe for a delicious mojito as a dry-run before your first TasterLab class.