Bouldering, unleash your inner climber with TasterLab.

At a glance:

● Great excise
● Good fun
● Mentally challenging

The Lowdown

Bouldering is the crossword puzzle of the climbing world. With shorter routes (known as "problems") than rock climbing, the emphasis is on making the right move and finding your path around a challenging obstacle. You must think ahead to plot where to put your hands and feet or you could find yourself stuck. Unlike other types of UK climbing there are no ropes involved in bouldering. Usually practiced no higher than five metres above the ground, your protection comes from crash mats placed below.  

The Crowd

Bouldering is ideal for people who like to engage their brain as well as their body when it comes to exercise and extreme sports. One of the most challenging things to do in London, bouldering is a self-contained part of UK climbing, ideal for problem solvers. Challenge brain and body as you find your way across rocky outcrops, trying to avoid wiping out on the crash mat below.

The Cost

Our TasterLab tasters will give you a great deal on bouldering. When it comes to equipment, bouldering is the most spartan of UK climbing disciplines. A pair of climbing shoes will set you back around £60 and after that all you need is a bag of chalk to give grip to your hands and a crash mat to break your fall.

And Finally...

Here is some inventive bouldering from a climber who turned his house into a bouldering problem.