Beer Tasting London

Beer tasting London - explore Britain's vast heritage of real ales and craft beers.

At a glance:

  • Sample a variety of real ales and craft beers that you won't find at your local pub.
  • Fun, lively and sociable activity.
  • Learn more about the history and culture of beer making.

The Lowdown

Beer has a long and fascinating history and culture that dates back to 4,000 BC when the the Sumer people were fermenting a form of bread to make a pulp which had an intoxicating effect and became known as a "divine drink." Nowadays, with the number of breweries in Britain doubling to around 800 since duty tax for small producers was cut 10 years ago, people are becoming increasingly passionate about brewing, selling and supporting beer. As a result, beer clubs and organizations have popped up all over London that organize various beer tasting events and festivals offering beer lovers and novices alike the opportunity to taste a diverse range of real ales, craft lagers and artisanal beers produced by local breweries. You'll learn all about the science, techniques and special ingredients involved in making beer and how to taste your beer in the proper fashion, appreciating the different looks, flavours, and smells. 

The Crowd

Whether you’re a serious ale fan or just like to enjoy a few beers with friends down the pub, beer tasting London events are a fun, relaxed and sociable activity where you’ll meet likeminded people, sample new and interesting brews to your heart's content, and hopefully learn something new about beer (providing you don't get too drunk).

The Cost

Our TasterLab tasters provide some great deals on a range of beer tasting London activities. There's no extra cost involved. Just go with an empty stomach ready to sample a long line of beers.

And Finally...

Like wine, there’s an art and etiquette to beer tasting. Don’t just chug it down in a few swift gulps; you have to take time to appreciate the look and the smell. Start with these key pointers