Archery in London

Archery in London, and why you should give it a try.

At a glance:

● Versatile sport
● Suitable for all ages
● Historic art
● Fun and competitive

The Lowdown

Archery in London in olden times would have prepared you to kill an enemy soldier with just a bow and arrow, but it’s much more civilised these days. A recognised Olympic sport enjoyed by millions of people across the globe, London archery is a growing, fun pastime, with contestants aiming at the bullseye rather than each other. Everyone is familiar with bows, arrows and targets but if you want to know your bracer from your broadhead, check out this glossary of archery terms.

The Crowd

Although the sport is steeped in the mythology of Robin Hood and ancient native tribes, you don’t need to be a history buff to enjoy archery in London. Challenge your mates to see who’s got the deadliest aim and make some new friends along the way. From kids to pensioners, the thrill of propelling a sharpened arrow at incredible speeds with pinpoint accuracy is pretty much universal. Plus it’s a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and try a different experience at the same time.

The Cost

If you want to try something new in London, archery classes can start from as little as £20 for an introductory class. If you’re serious about taking up archery in London, training bows start at around £30 and a pack of six basic arrows will set you back around £20. There are plenty of more expensive options, but for just £50 you can fully equip yourself for archery classes.

And Finally...

Here’s top British archer Michael Peart giving a beginner her first archery class.