What’s TasterLab?

TasterLab has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to discover a new hobby or passion by offering free and discounted tasters of experiences in or close to your city. We offer a variety of things to do in London that can become part of your lifestyle. Essentially, we know how difficult it can be to try new things so we want to do whatever we can to help you discover what you love!

Does it cost to sign up to TasterLab?

No, it’s absolutely free. In fact you can do a lot on TasterLab for free, including try some taster experiences and discover what you love. Not bad, eh?

Once I give you my email address, are you going to send me a bunch of annoying emails?

Absolutely not! We’ll only notify you about things you put on your Wishlist so you’re not receiving a million emails a day about things you have no interest in - we hate that too.

Who are you guys?

We’re a small team of people who are passionate about tastering new things and helping other people discover what they love. Meet the team here.

Will you bill me as soon as I sign up?

No, you aren’t billed for anything unless you choose to purchase a taster or some taster credit on the site.

How do I find Tasters in the Lab?

You can search for tasters several different ways. We recognise that it’s tricky to know where to start when you don’t know what you’re necessarily looking for! At the Lab, you can search by emotive search i.e. how you’re feeling right now, and we’ll give you suggestions on things you might like. Or you can search by category or by days of the week if, let’s say, you know you’ve only got Monday and Wednesday nights free.

I want to get a taster but it says it’s out of stock – what the hell?

A taster will show as out of stock if the taster batch has all been requested. But don’t worry, we’ll very much likely release another batch in the next cycle.

Why are the Tasters released in batches?

We release our tasters in batches so as to help small, local businesses we promote sustain their great quality service. We don’t want to flood service providers with too much business as it’s often difficult for them to cope. Releasing samples in batches allows them to cope with and control the demand.

How can I recommend great services to be promoted on TasterLab?

If you use or know of a great service that you think would do really well on TasterLab, then please drop us a line and tell us what it is so we can contact them. Please write to tasters@tasterlab.com.

How can I get my own business on TasterLab?

If you’ve got a great service business and would like to be promoted through TasterLab, then please visit our merchant page and get in touch or simply write to us at: sales@tasterlab.com.

Do I have to sign up in order to get tasters?

Yes, but you just have to give us a few details so we can deliver a taster to you and reward you for any requests or purchases made. If you complete your profile fully, we’ll reward you further, and we’ll be able to provide you with a better experience to help you discover what you love.

How do I sign up?

All you have to do to get started is give us your name, email address and city, and you’re ready to start tastering! There’s a host of other useful features (like creating a Wishlist of what you want to taster as well as connecting with friends on TasterLab), but you can come back and do this when you’ve got more time if you like.

I’ve signed up but I still can’t request a taster – what’s happened?

The most likely reason for this is that you don’t have any Taster Tokens. You need one Taster Token to get a free taster. You are given these by doing basic things on the site, like signing up, completing your profile and sharing with your friends. Please see the Rewards and Reviews section for more FAQs on this.

How do I create a profile?

It’s really easy to create a profile. Simply login and follow the instructions. You can create a profile just by leaving your name and email address, but the more you complete it, the more points and Taster Tokens you’ll earn and the better service we’ll be able to offer by letting you know about just the tasters you want to try. Additionally, we’ll aim to prioritise getting tasters in for the most popular Wishlist suggestions.

What’s a Wishlist?

A Wishlist is a useful feature to select tasters that you want to try but aren’t currently available in the Lab or they are available but you haven’t the time right now to request it. By creating a Wishlist, we’ll be able to send you Taster Alerts for just the things you want to taster so you can say goodbye to annoying daily emails. Also, a Wishlist is really useful to share with family and friends if you want to drop some subtle hints on what to get you for your next birthday or Christmas.

How do I create a Wishlist?

To create a Wishlist all you need to do is log in to your profile (or create a profile) and click on Wishlist. You’ll then be taken to the Wishlist page where you can search for the types of things you might like to try or just browse all the categories. Simply click on an image that takes your fancy, and it will automatically be updated to your Wishlist.

How do I change my profile information?

If you want to edit your profile at any point, just log on and simply edit your profile information by following the online instructions.

How do I make my profile private if I don’t want anyone else to see it?

Only your friends will be able to see your profile, and they’ll only be able to see what's on your Wishlist so you can experience tasters together when they become available. 

How do I find my friends on TasterLab?

There’s a nifty little feature in your profile called ‘Find my Friends’ – this tool will help you find your friends as well as invite friends to join the Lab. Of course, if they’re already registered and they accept your request, you can see what they’re tastering, what they’ve discovered as well as what’s on their Wishlist. This is pretty handy if you don’t want to go to that salsa class on your own or you want to ask someone’s advice about what, for example, kitesurfing is really like!

Do you ever terminate or suspend accounts?

We’d hate to do this, but, yes, we reserve the right to kick out anyone who doesn’t respect or adhere to the rules and regulations of TasterLab. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Can I buy a taster as a gift for someone else?

Of course! We’re perhaps a bit biased, maybe, but what better gift than to help someone discover a new passion? It’s the gift that, literally, keeps giving! You can buy a gift pass for the site that allows people to try the things they want, or you can gift individual tasters. So if you’ve got a friend that’s always talking about their ambition to, let’s say, get better at singing, then you can get the taster as a great gift. But don’t worry, your gift certificate won’t show that you got the taster for free or at a whopping discount – so you can be thoughtful and generous!

Do I need to pay for my voucher?

Depends on whether it’s marked as free or discounted. If it’s free, then no - it’s free! If it’s discounted, you’ll pay for your voucher through the site - either just for the item you’re buying or with your TasterLab credit.

What’s TasterLab Credit?

TasterLab credit is pre-paid credit on your account. You can buy the credit in set denominations, and by doing this you automatically get 10% cash back on any funds deposited.

What do you mean I get 10% cash back on all purchases?

If you buy TasterLab credit - you get a 10% discount on every purchase you make with your credit. Think of it as a little ‘thank you’ gift for saving us a bit of commission on transaction fees.

How do I buy a discounted taster?

Simply put the taster in your cart, and follow the instructions. Very easy! Once the purchase has been confirmed, your taster details will be sent to you via text message, email or both. Or you can simply write down the unique voucher code and reference this while booking your taster.

How do I know my card information is safe?

We don’t save any of your card information on TasterLab so it’s very secure. We’re also protected by very secure payment encrypting software for each transaction.

What do I do after I request a taster?

After you’ve requested a taster, in order to redeem it you need to follow the booking instructions. To confirm that your request is legitimate, you need to reference the unique booking ID shown on your voucher. All your taster vouchers can be accessed from your profile, and you can get the voucher sent to you by email or just print it out. Or you could just note down the unique reference number on a jot of paper or save the e-voucher to your mobile phone.

Will I need to book in advance?

You will most likely have to book in advance to redeem your taster, but please follow the instructions on the taster voucher details.

Will I need to book in advance?

You will most likely have to book in advance to redeem your taster, but please follow the instructions on the taster voucher details.

Can I sell my voucher?

Unfortunately not - your taster can only be used by your good self. Each voucher has a unique ID and your name on it. The merchant might ask for ID when you arrive for your taster. If you want to buy a voucher for someone then please buy it as a gift.

Can I give my voucher to a friend if I can’t make it?

Sorry, the voucher is only valid for you. If someone else is interested though, point them in the direction of TasterLab so they can get their own lovely voucher. Or if you’re feeling generous, then you could always get the taster for them as a gift!

When will my voucher expire?

The voucher expires on the date printed on the voucher. If the state or province where the merchant is located prohibits earlier termination, then the amount you paid for the voucher will expire five (5) years from the date the voucher is issued. The prepaid portion of the voucher will not expire in states and provinces where it is prohibited by law. We won’t be able to reaccredit any Taster Tokens used or discredit any Points or Taster Tokens earned for this Taster request.

What if my Taster voucher isn’t honoured before it expires?

The merchant is obligated to honour the voucher through the applicable expiration. If that doesn't happen, then contact us at help@tasterlab.com and we will refund the amount you paid (if a paid taster) for your taster in the form of a credit for future purchases. We won’t be able to reaccredit any Taster Tokens used or discredit any Points or Taster Tokens earned for this Taster request. Follow the directions here.

Can I cancel my transaction?

The contract to buy is complete when you pay for the Taster. The Taster Voucher will be available to view and download in your profile immediately after purchase. You may cancel the transaction by writing to us (preferably by email to support@tasterlab.com) within five (5) working days of your Taster Purchase date (prior to any redemption of the Taster being made.) We won’t be able to reaccredit any Taster Tokens used or discredit any Points or Taster Tokens earned for this Taster request. Follow the directions here.

What do I need to bring to my taster?

Make sure you bring an ID as it might be required by the provider at their discretion. And bring some cash if you fancy a drink or a snack.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. But if they want a taster, they’ll need to visit the site themselves, and grab their own voucher. We always encourage you to tell your friends about all the great stuff they can try with you on TasterLab.

Do I always need to bring my voucher receipt to each class?

No need to bring a paper copy - just make sure you know your unique voucher code. Remember you can always print the voucher out, or if you’ve got a fancy phone you can access the voucher directly from your mobile.

What do I do after I’ve used my taster?

Once you’ve tastered something, we hope you keep up with it if you loved it- it would be crazy not to, right? Of course if you didn’t enjoy it, then you’re under absolutely no obligation to continue whatsoever. But by all means keep coming back to the Lab to try something new! To make it really easy to maintain your new hobby, we offer super-discounted taster bundles. Just check back on the site to see if there’s one available!

What are Taster points?

We reward your activity (like registering, completing your profile, completing your Wishlist, sharing tasters with your friends, etc.) on the site with points. These points help distinguish you in the TasterLab community – the top points earners will appear on the homepage, and we’ll reward you from time to time with cool stuff like invites to parties and exclusive events. Additionally, for every hundred points you earn, we’ll give you one taster token.

What are Taster Tokens?

We will award you with one Taster Token for every 100 points you earn. Taster Tokens can be used to redeem free tasters – one point for one free taster. You can use the free tasters for yourself, or if you’re feeling generous you can gift your friend a free taster – don’t worry though, we won’t tell them you got it for free!

How do I earn Taster Tokens?

It’s super easy, and there are lots of ways to do it. Through using the site you’ll naturally accrue enough points to have enough tokens to get stuck into all the free tasters we’re offering. If you find yourself a bit short, then in your profile we’ll suggest all the options available to you to quickly earn more points. The quickest way to do this is just to tell your friends about the taster through Facebook, Twitter or email. You’ll also get the added bonus of hopefully having a buddy to go with and share the experience!

Is there a limit to how many Points and Taster Tokens I can earn?

There’s no limit to the amount of points and Taster Tokens you can earn – so go for your life!

Will my Points or Taster Tokens ever expire?

Your points earned and Taster Tokens won’t expire. You’ll never loose the points you earn, but you will lose the tokens as you use them – sound fair? But don’t worry as you can easily earn more.

What are TasterLab Stickers, and how do I make them mine?

If you taster something and discover something you love, you can show this taster as a new discovery. For each discovery, we’ll reward you with some fancy TasterLab stickers to show off on your profile to let friends and other Tasterers know what you like doing. Of course, if you want to keep something a secret then that’s ok too as you hide your profile from public view.

Do you ever remove comments from the site?

Not usually, but we reserve the right to censor users who are being incredibly inappropriate, making personal attacks or spamming. Let’s keep it friendly, guys. For full details, check out our T’s and C’s here.

Not finding the answers you’re looking for?

Question? Concern? Dying to share that ridiculous YouTube video you just found? Email us at hello@tasterlab.com.