Where to Go for Mother's Day

Author: Annalise • 2012-03-14 • 0 Comments

It’s highly likely your mum told you not to worry about getting her anything for Mother’s Day this year, and she probably means it. We all have enough stuff anyway. But she’d probably be thrilled if you show up at her door this Sunday (Don't forget!) ready to whisk her away to spend the day somewhere lovely with you. The weather forecast calls for showers, so don't forget your umbrella! (Mom will be so proud when you show up prepared.)

1. For the lover of all things floral and garden-y, there are a few options. Hopefully, the sun will come out as the loveliest place to spend a nice day would definitely be the Roof Gardens on Kensington High Street. With three themed gardens - Spanish, Tudor and English Woodland - it’s definitely one of London’s most beautiful garden destinations. For more of an educational garden experience - head to the Garden Museum on Lambeth Palace Road. After checking out the exhibits, you can head to the café where they serve a vegetarian menu featuring produce picked directly from the garden.

2. Mother’s Day is absolutely one of the craziest restaurant days of the year. Even if you’ve already booked a table, battling the dining crowds is sure to be pretty nuts. So why not skip that whole mess and cook dinner with your mum instead? You can run by the Real Food Market at the Southbank Centre to pick up some amazing and super fresh ingredients - think grass-fed cattle, artisanal cheeses and seasonal fruits and vegetables. And then you can whip something up together in the calm of your own home, and maybe you’ll learn some of her delicious kitchen secrets in the process. Just make sure you clean up the kitchen afterwards - mums hate dirty kitchens.

3. For the lady who enjoys a tipple or two - try a cocktail making class at Shaker BarSchool. You’ll learn all about making classic cocktails, and the best part - you get official Taste Tester status. Better than just heading out to a packed pub to pay for overpriced drinks, you’ll leave with the skills to make tasty beverages to share with the rest of the family - something they’re sure to appreciate. And with our TasterLab price - you get to have this experience with your mum for half-price. A gift to yourself as well.

4. And finally - the surefire winner - chocolate. It’s a well-known fact that mothers cannot resist a delicious cacao-y confection.  And instead of just showing up with a box of chocolate (which, honestly, would probably work out just fine), how about taking your mum to learn all about all the secrets behind creating it? Here’s a list of some great places to start looking for a chocolate making class including the Chocolate Tart and Rococo Chocolates.

Did we miss anywhere great we could possibly take our mums? Let us know!




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