The Best Places to Learn Something New in London

Author: Rory • 2012-02-17 • 0 Comments

Knowing stuff is cool. There’s no getting around it. From the massive popularity of professor Brian Cox’s science shows, to the evergreen appeal of David Attenborough, people are hungry for information these days. Geek chic may be in but a bit of knowledge remains far more attractive than a pair of thick-rimmed faux glasses. So why not take your education beyond the TV set and experience one of the best things to do in London - broaden your mind.

London has been a seat of learning for centuries, but if you haven’t got the time or money to enroll in a full university course, don’t worry, there’s plenty of cheap informal learning experiences to be had in the capital, like the following:

Public Lectures
Famed for its Christmas Lectures, given by the world’s leading scientists for over 200 years, the Royal Institution is a paradise for all things science and technology. There are events held all year round and with membership costing as little as £30 a year it’s an absolute bargain. If two centuries isn’t enough for you, Gresham College has been offering free public lectures for 400 years. To give you an idea of the variety on offer, this month’s talks cover sex, maths, medicine and religion. I think that’s all bases covered. For an overview on all of the lectures going on in London, check out The Lecture List.

Far from being a passive experience, London’s museums have much more to offer than just a place to trudge around on a rainy afternoon. First up, the British Library. OK, so it’s not strictly a museum but there’s a museum inside, so that’s close enough. Workshops, guided visits and a range of events will keep your brain busy. The British Museum is in on the act too, offering study days with lectures geared towards a particular aspect or period of history. If you want something more centred around the capital, the Museum of London organises a number of groups filled with people hungry to know more about this great city.

Tired of trudging around art galleries with a befuddled expression on your face? Do your homework with talks on art history, architecture and plenty of other things besides at the Royal Academy.  If you prefer Hirst to Holbein, check out the wide range of learning events offered by the Tate Modern.

Know of any other things to do in London in order to learn something new? Let us know in the comments!




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