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Author: Annalise • 2011-10-12 • 0 Comments

It’s finally here! After months of work and an incredible amount of coffee and not-very-delicious office biscuits, the new site is finished. There’s definitely a lot going on, so I’ve broken down all the best new features to help you discover what you love and try something new in London!

Search: As if TasterLab didn’t already make it easy to discover what you love - things just got even easier. If you’re feeling at all overwhelmed by how many things we have for you to taster, now it’s incredibly simple for you to narrow down the options and choose something that really works for you. Having a particularly emotionally driven day? Try “I’m feeling…” and search by emotional keywords like “romantic” (Oo la la.) or “stressed” (all of our best tasters for punching things).

Sign in: One of the best parts of tastering and trying new things is having a lot of new experiences to share with friends and family. Everyone would rather hear about an amazing scuba diving course you took rather than that funny thing your dog did for the 10th time. (Guilty.) The new TasterLab lets you sign in with your Facebook making it really easy to find friends to taster something with you if you’re nervous about going it alone or share reviews of something awesome (or not so awesome).

Rewards: The reward of learning a new skill or just trying new things in general is already pretty great. But now there are rewards on top of that reward. So essentially, we’re giving you rewards for rewarding yourself with discovery. Rewards. Say it five more times. (#10) For all the actions you take on the site - creating your profile, making a Wishlist, inviting all your friends - we give you Taster Tokens you can use towards lots of tasters on the site. Also - do yourself a favor and buy some TasterLab credit. It’ll be so much faster to make future purchases AND we’ll give you 10% back. Win/Win.

Wishlist: While we have lots of diverse stuff to try on the site (Capoeira, anyone?), we’re always adding new stuff we think you’ll love. If there’s something in particular you’re looking for that we don’t have yet or that you just want to save for later, you can add it to your personal Wishlist. Plus, come birthday time, sharing your Wishlist is a great way to drop some major gift hints.

So - some pretty awesome things to mess around with on the site, right? If you have any questions, concerns, high-fives, etc. - please don’t hesitate to get in touch at hello@tasterlab.com.

Thanks, and Happy (er!) Tastering!




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