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Author: Rory • 2012-04-27 • 0 Comments

Struggling for things to do in London this weekend? Just leave it to Robert Redford. The evergreen actor and director has been hiding his independent film festival, Sundance, in the wilds of Utah since 1978, but this year he’s seen sense and decided to bring it to London as well.  

All the action’s taking place at the O2 arena and although events kicked off yesterday, there are plenty of gems to see before things wind up on Sunday. And it’s not just films that are on offer as you’ll see in our five festival picks below.

1. Robots Of Brixton
Let’s start local with Kibwe Tavares’ futuristic vision of one of South London’s best known neighbourhoods. In this dystopian short the police encroach on the robots’ territory (we said it was futuristic) and all hell breaks loose.

2. Film Music From The Composer’s Point Of View
Harry Gregson-Williams has composed scores for films as diverse as Shrek, Man on Fire and Team America. With the help of Peter Golub, Director of the Sundance Institute Film Music Program, he’ll lead us novices through every stage of his craft. There’ll be clips and live musicians to help him illustrate some points along the way in what promises to be a fascinating talk.

3. Shut Up And Play The Hits
Sadly the tickets for the live music events went faster than Usain Bolt running for the bus but this documentary is the next best thing. Following the biggest and last ever concert by short-lived New York trendsetters LCD Soundsystem, this is a unique document of a band quitting while they’re very much ahead.

4. The House I Live In
Let’s get a little grittier with Eugene Jarecki’s scalpel-like dissection of America’s War on Drugs. From broken families to long-term inmates, this film pulls no punches in charting the failure to stem the influence of this illegal industry.

5. Liberal Arts
Why not end on a lighter note with Josh “How I Met Your Mother” Radnor’s tale about an unlikely campus romance. Radnor plays disillusioned 35-year-old alumni Jesse Fisher who is brought back to life when he returns to his old college and meets a charismatic undergraduate.

As well as those five there are tons of other great things going on. For ticket details, head to Sundance London.

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