Get Creative in the City: Four Inspiring Tips

Author: TasterLab • 2012-06-21 • 0 Comments

No matter what you do – whether you’re an accountant or a stay-at-home-mum, situations always arise in which approaching something with a more creative outlook could be beneficial. Thinking creatively is an excellent way to come up with innovative and exciting ways to solve problems, pitch ideas in the workplace or even come up with the perfect, thrifty birthday gift for a friend (versus the standard, ubiquitous gift card). However, sometimes it’s easy to get into a creative rut where none of your ideas sound like good ideas, or maybe you don’t have any ideas at all – not even bad ones. Here’s a couple of things to do in London to help you get your creative juices flowing once again.

1. Consume new media. We all have our favourite genres of music, movies, books, etc. that we’ll always come back to, but the way to gain new perspectives is to constantly push the boundaries of the types of art you’re consuming. For example, you love Radiohead. Radiohead is your favorite and you’re convinced that no album will ever be greater than OK Computer. That’s great, but if you really want your mind to start seeing the world in a new and inspired way, you’re going to need to mix it up a little bit. One of my favourite ways to discover new music (not new per say, but new to me) is to search on YouTube for a beloved band or artist and then follow the suggestions on the right side of the page. There’s a plethora of content out there, and that way – you don’t even have to do any work to find it.

2. Seek out arty places. Whether it’s an actual art space like a gallery or just a well-designed building, make it a point to visit places where creativity is thriving. It’s great for inspirational purposes, and if you find yourself somewhere that’s atypical to your usual interests – for example, a print fair when you’re normally interested in the Old Masters like Raphael – all the better for getting your mind working in a new way.

3. Practice, practice, practice. So you like to take photos. But your photos don’t look like all of those incredibly lovely professional shots you see littered about the internet. The best way to start taking the photos of a better, more creative caliber is to keep doing it. Over and over and over again. It might be slow-going, but eventually, your great shots will start to outnumber your bad ones. Now take out “photography” and insert any creative hobby. Ever.

4. Utilize creativity-driven websites. Being inventive, original and DIY-forward is really cool right now… almost too cool considering how annoying it can be to see photos from someone’s amazing, vintage, bohemian, thrifted, totally cool wedding or the like and thinking… I could never put something like that together.  But sites where people post photos and tips regarding things they’ve created are incredible resources if you’re trying to get some inspiration for your own home, event, etc. Obviously, the first place you need to go is Pinterest. Rather than wading through all of the random, pinning weirdness that often crops up, find a few Pinners who have styles that inspire you and follow their boards. Looking for wedding inspiration? Check out Ruffled. Get a good dose of color and lovely design inspiration at textile designer Amy Sia’s account. For all of you who haven’t had lunch yet – don’t look at Epicurious’ account unless you’re a crazy sadist. Another great place to check out if you’re seeking creativity in the kitchen is Foodgawker. (Again – visit at your own risk.) 

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