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Author: TasterLab • 2012-07-02 • 0 Comments

Here at TasterLab, we’re always trying to find new ways to inspire you to get out and discover what you love. Now it’s your turn to inspire us. We are incredibly curious to hear from all of you Tasterers out there who have used the site to find something new to feel passionately about whether you’re now an aspiring yogi or you’ve realised an artistic talent.

And we know one of the best things about finding something new to love is sharing it with the people you love. So drop us a line at and tell us all about your new discovery – what it is, what you love about it and how it’s made a difference in your life – and we’ll send you £25 worth of vouchers to share with 5 of your most special people.

Looking forward to hearing your taster stories!

The TasterLab Team


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