TasterLab Activity Rewards: Tokens, Points and Stickers

What are activity rewards?

We like to think of TasterLab as an online discovery tool - we want to make it as easy as possible for you to try new things, be inspired, inspire others and ultimately discover what you love. As we can't make this happen without you and the TasterLab community, we've designed the site around rewarding everyone's input. So the more you help inspire others by sharing tasters, leaving reviews, the more you'll get back with points; and the more points you earn, then the more free taster tokens you'll be awarded, which you can redeem against any of the free taster experiences.

We also reward you for your personal progress – we really want you to discover what you love! As well as awarding points for your discoveries, we'll award you with stickers to show off on your profile so you can connect with friends and other tasterers in the Lab.

What are Points?

Points are awarded at each stage of your journey in the Lab (from joining the community, trying new things, inspiring others and making new discoveries – see below for a full breakdown of how you can earn points). If you're signed in, you can the number of points you've earned at the top of your screen. Additionally, if you visit your profile, you can see a full breakdown of how you earned those points. The top points scorers in the Lab can be seen on the homepage.

Inviting a group of friends:50 pointsGO!
Registering: 50 pointsGO!
Completing your profile: 25 pointsGO!
Completing your wishlist: 50 pointsGO!
Uploading a photo:25 pointsGO!
Requesting a paid taster:25 pointsGO!
Requesting a taster gift:50 pointsGO!
Using a taster:50 pointsGO!
Sharing a taster with a group of friends:50 pointsGO!
Sharing a taster with a friend:5 pointsGO!
Having a friend join TasterLab:15 pointsGO!
Leaving a Review:50 pointsGO!

What are Taster Tokens?

Points don't have any direct commercial value but every 100 you earn, then we'll automatically credit you with a Taster Token, which can be cashed in for a free taster experience. You can also use Taster Tokens to gift free taster experiences to your friends – and what's more, we won't show the price on the taster, so you can be thoughtful and generous!

What are Stickers?

After you've tastered something, we'll ask you how you got on and whether you made a discovery. For every discovery you make, you'll get a sticker to show off on your profile so that you can keep track of your discoveries. If you've left a review for one of your discoveries that has inspired others in the Lab (over 25 people) then we'll make your Discovery Badge into a coveted Expert Badge, as you obviously know what you're talking about!